Cronkhite Flight Trombone Gig Bag, Small/Medium Tenor - leather/2-tone

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    Trombone Gig Bag, Small/Medium Tenor - leather/2-tone

    Case Type: Gig Bag/Soft Case. Best choice for carrying convenience.
    Handsome 2-tone design uses panels of medium/British tan alternating with chocolate brown.

    Innovative design allows your trombone to be carried aboard aircraft as a personal carry-on when you travel, instead of being stowed below as luggage. The bag is actually in two separate parts—a bag for the bell and a reinforced slide carrier. The slide carrier is little larger than your slide, board reinforced on both sides and fits all sizes of slides from small tenor to bass. The bell unit is sized for your horn (small, medium or large) and is about the size of a bass trumpet case. It features the same bell end plate and padded kit pouch as other Cronkhite models. The two parts are held firmly together with snaplinks and can be quickly detached at the airport gate to be carried aboard the plane. The assembled case stands up fine on the bell end, and is stable in the horizontal position so it won't roll while you're loading or unloading your horn. The universal slide carrier attaches to all three of the bell cases. So, you can use the same carrier and purchase additional bell bags for your other horns (see items 56696 through 56701 for a selection). This bag fits small and medium tenor trombones with bells up to 8" in diameter.

    This bag is hand made to order in the United States. Please allow approximately three weeks for the bag to be made and shipped to you. Oversize item—does not ship USA Flatrate.

    (complete setup in black)
    (interior of slide carrier)

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