Marcus Bonna 2TBN 03/2TN Trombone Case, Double Tenor w/nylon cover

Trombone Hard Shell Cases

  • Marcus Bonna 2TBN 03/2TN

    Trombone Case, Double Tenor w/nylon cover

    Case Type: Hard Shell. Best combination of all-around protection and convenience.
    The handmade Marcus Bonna trombone case consists of a fiberglass shell with a durable nylon replaceable cover. The Double Tenor case is a standard length with a compact, contoured design. This is one of the most protective cases on the market and is use by many of the world's top professionals. With this design, tenor trombones are stored with their bells at either end of the case, protected by rigid plates in addition to the case's exterior wall, Their bodies overlap, and are separated by a permanantlyattached, thick padded divider. Detachable foam blocks can be positioned to provide the best support and most security. The slides are stored side by side behind the bell sections and are also separated from each other by a permanantly attached padded divider. The slides are separated from the bells by a rigid wall. Overall the fit is secure and safe. Features include:
    • Fiberglass shell for strength and damage protection.
    • Replaceable nylon outer cover.
    • Zipper enclosure.
    • Rigid bell plates at both ends help prevent damage to the bell flares.
    • Detachable foam blocks for a safe, custom fit.
    • Padded divider separates bell sections.
    • Slides store securely behind the bell sections in the base of the case.
    • Padded slide divider keeps slides safe and away from one another.
    • Fits up to a 8.5 inch (21.6cm) bell flares.
    • Fits most valves and wraps.
    • 2 internal accessory compartments.
    • Detachable mouthpiece pouch (holds 2 mouthpieces).
    • Three detachable straps - 1 shoulder & 2 backpack.
    • Six strap cleats for maximum flexibility in attaching the straps.
    • Two sets of metal feet - 4 on bottom and 4 on tail end of case.
    • Two leather lined handles, top and subway.
    • Detachable full-sized sheet music carrier.
    • Two velcro hoops for carrying a trombone or music stand.
    • Name tag.
    • Dimensions (inches): 38L x 12H x 10W (slightly narrower away from the bell flares)
    • Dimensions (metric): 96.5L x 30.5H x 25.4W cm
    • Weight: 14 pounds (6.36 kg).
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