Bam Softpack Jazz 4031S Trombone Case, French Style - black

Trombone Hybrid Cases

  • Bam Softpack Jazz 4031S

    Trombone Case, French Style - black

    Case Type: Hybrid Case. Best choice for carrying convenience with more protection than a bag.
    The 4031S "Jazz" model is designed specifically for small jazz horns. This case is the same in every other regard to the larger 4030S except that it is smaller and lighter. It's in the classic slimline French shape. Despite the name, the case actually features a semi-rigid hard shell exterior. Features include:
    • Classic streamlined French shape conserves space.
    • Length is 35 inches by 10.5 inches across at the bell flare.
    • Weighs 7.4 pounds (3.36 kilograms)
    • Constructed of a solid block of expanded foam.
    • Features a semi-rigid shell for improved impact resistance.
    • Anchor points for two shoulder straps (included) allows the case to be carried over the shoulder or in "backpack" form.
    • Interior of black plush over soft foam.
    • Slide is stored in the lid and secured with two lobes of foam.
    • Bell rests in base and is cradled securely by soft plush covered foam.
    • Uses no straps or tie-downs.
    • Interior storage for a mouthpiece and a few small items.
    • Offers the protection of a hard case but the lightness and slim profile of a gig bag.
    • Fits small and medium bore tenors without F attachments.
    • Made in France and assembled in the US.
    • Though not recommended for travel as airline luggage, this case might fit safely into overhead compartments depending on the aircraft.

    (interior with Bach LT16M)

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