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  • SKB 462

    Trombone Case

    Case Type: Hard Shell. Best combination of all-around protection and convenience.
    The SKB model 462 case is one of the strongest cases we've seen for tenor trombone (a bass trombone model is not available). Fits most makes and models of small, medium & large tenors with either standard or open wraps. The interior is burgundy plush lined with a pleasant vanilla fragarance. The bell area is shaped to fit most tenor trombone bells very nicely (up to 8.5 inches in diameter). A small cloth compartment on the outside of the case can hold accessories, while an internal compartment with ahinged door holds mouthpieces and other items. This heavy duty case is not officially labeled a "flight case" by SKB or Hickeys, but it has been used with success by many folks who travel and need to check their horns as baggage. For even more protection when traveling, we suggest the use of a styrofoam cone in the bell (available at many craft stores) to further prevent bell rim damage. Made in USA. Note: Will not fit instruments with Thayer valves or other oversize rotary type valves,such as the Conn-Lindberg or Yamaha 682. Will not fit Benge 165, King 4B or other similarly wide body bell sections. Works fine for Bach, Conn, Edwards, Shires, Courtois, Eastman, Jupiter and other models.
    • Super thick outer wall construction.
    • Heavy aluminum valences.
    • Plush lined interior.
    • Strap hooks (strap not included).
    • Three draw-tite type latches.
    • Center latch has hasp for a lock or security clasp.
    • Weight: 10 pounds (4.54 kg).
    • Size: 35"L x 11.5"W x"H
    • Fits most tenors with F attachments.
    • Fits rotary, Hagmann, Rotax and many Greenhoe valved instruments.
    • Does not fit Thayer or Lindberg valve instruments.
    • Does not fit Greenhoe-Conn 88HG, Benge 165/190, King 4B or Yamaha 680.

    SKB Trombone Case

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