Steptoe, Roger Ballade

Horn Solos w/Piano

  • Steptoe, Roger


    21th Century (2010). This Ballade for horn and chamber orchestra is the first of an on-going series of `mini-concertos' for a solo instrument, each lasting around 12 minutes and using a classical Mozart-type orchestra. The work is in one continuous movement but divided into three main sections - slow and lyrical, fast and energetic, slow and conclusive. Despite its length it should be considered to be a contemporary virtuosic work displaying a wide variety of colours and timbres of the solo horn and heard in passages of intense lyricism and also rhythmic dexterity. This piano version is a literal reduction from the orchestral score and the pianist can simplify the accompaniment as necessary. The composer is indebted to the distinguished Swiss horn player, Bruno Schneider, for his encouragement in writing and editing this work. -the publisher
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