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    Prognosis [101.01]

    21st Century. Here is what composer Henry Wolking says about his new work, Prognosis for Brass Trio:

    Prognosis For Brass Trio is an eight-minute four-movement work for trumpet with flugelhorn double, trombone, and tuba. At this stage of my writing career, Prognosis has become a fairly common word heard and directed to myself, family, and friends. As such, I feel obliged to offer a few prognoses of my own for one of my long-standing and favored brass chamber music groups. Each movement is titled and informed by a particular prognosis.

    The first movement, Chromatic Disorder, is, well, highly chromatic, and rhythmically active. The second, Common Tone Cold, is a melodic, gentle lullaby. The third, Take A PentaTonic, is a 6/8 romp of pentatonic scales connected by common tones. The fourth, Your Bill, Payable In C Notes, is an active closer that uses, the note C in every beat and chord of the entire movement. I predict you'll feel much better after playing or listening to these prognoses. - the publisher Instrumentation is for trumpet/flugelhorn, trombone and tuba.

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