Wasson, John Brass Grooves - complete set w/Audio

Brass Quintets w/Percussion

  • Wasson, John

    Brass Grooves - complete set w/Audio [211.01 w/optional percussion]

    For brass quintet and drum set (which can be omitted). Includes score, parts for standard 211.01 brass quintet, drum set, plus substitute parts for horn (trumpet, trombone or euphonium). Commissioned by the Dallas Brass, this collection is a set of ten original charts by John Wasson, each one in a different popular dance style. Each of these charts is a complete work, fully developed and able to stand on its own. Each lays well on the horns and sounds great to the audience. Don't let the level fool you- these sound far more interesting than Level 4 might lead you to believe. The included CD features full length recordings of the entire collection by the Dallas Brass. Appropriate for teaching younger groups, and especially well suited for more advancedgroups looking for some solid fun repertoire that can be put together quickly. Includes:
    •  Senor Salsa (medium mambo)
    •  Balloon Ride (jazz waltz)
    •  Next Stop, Funksville (funk)
    •  Basically Basie (medium swing)
    •  Surfside (surfer rock)
    •  Swingtime (bright swing)
    •  Heartland (rock ballad)
    •  Catwalk Blues (heavy swing shuffle)
    •  Island Holiday (reggae)
    •  The Hipster (hip-hop shuffle)
    •  Beyond the Clouds (gentle ballad)
    •  Curtain Call (2-beat broadway)
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