Traditional (Howarth) Swiss Tunes (4) *SI*

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    Swiss Tunes (4) *SI* (Howarth) [211.01]

    Movements entitled: Basle March; The Cuckoo (Italian/Swiss Folk Tune); The Old Castle; Zurich March. Basle March features delightful melodies and showcases technical challenges throughout the ensemble including sixteenth-note runs and triple tonguing (depending on the tempo chosen). Both trumpets occasionally play "hand over bell" in this movement. The Cuckoo is quick and lively and features the tuba imitating the bird by either playing a cuckoo instrument, or by blowing into cupped hands in the manner familiar from children's games. Horn imitates an alpine-horn in the mountains during "The Old Castle" movement. Flugelhorn and the use of a bucket mute by the second trumpet add to the darker timbres of this contrasting movement. Final movement is a straight-forward march in a fast tempo.

    First trumpet also plays flugelhorn. First trumpet require straight mute. Both trumpets play "hand over bell." The following substitution parts are included: French horn in Eb; Trombone substitute part in Bb treble clef; Tuba substitute part in Eb treble clef. -pc

    Elgar Howarth not only has conducted many British orchestras, but also played principal trumpet with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and played with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.

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