Pezel, Johann (Miller) Dances (16)

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  • Pezel, Johann (Miller)

    Dances (16) (Miller) [203.00 or 212.00]

    Renaissance. The Fuenffstimmigte blasende Musik (5-Part Wind Music) is perhaps Johann Pezel's (1639-1694) most well known collection, having been transcribed for 5-part brass ensemble several times. This edition is the only one to offer all 16 Dances in one set, and for a lower price than other edition's combined multiple volumes. In transcribing this set for brass quintet (2 trumpets in C, F horn, and 2 trombones), Donald Miller has left the invidual parts clean, with no editorial markings. In this manner, performing musicians may add their own markings to create their own performances. Like the 12 Sonatas of Pezel, a Suite of Dances can easily be created by programming a selection from within the collection. -cdp
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