Howarth, Elgar Chatham Dances - PARTS

16-Part Brass Choirs w/Percussion

  • Howarth, Elgar

    Chatham Dances - PARTS [643.12 w/percussion]

    20th Century (1985, revised 2009). Chatham Dances was written around 1985, in response to a commission from a local Arts committee in the Medway area of the Thames estuary. Chatham is a town in that district. It was my idea to write a set of dances for the local Medway brass band, the pieces to be used as a ballet danced by local children. This proved to be impossible to organise and the dances were played just once in concert instead. There are seven movements:
    (1) Fanfare: Summons / assembly. A gathering together of the dance company.
    (2) A first general dance in preparation for...
    (3) The work-place, perhaps a factory. Machine-like music; humour: a bullying fore-man (after letter C, etc.): more humour: the fore-man angry.
    (4) Prelude - Summer bells: a peaceful break from work.
    (5) The womens' dance: graceful, swaying, mysterious.
    (6) The mens' dance: heavy, strong, suddenly thoughtful - again heavy.
    (7) Summons 2: a signal for a new assembly and the end of the day's work.
    (8) Exeunt - march out. Work ended: going home: happy, more humour: the fore-man mocked.

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