Bauer, Jeffrey Haunted House, The

Brass Quintets

  • Bauer, Jeffrey

    Haunted House, The [211.01]

    Great chart for Halloween season or children's concerts!

    Undoubtedly music can express a wide variety of emotions ranging from the sublime to the silly. One of those expressions is that of pure unadulterated fun; the kind of music that just puts a smile on your face. A parallel in literature may be found in the Jeeves and Wooster stories of P.G. Wodehouse, of which I am a great fan. Haunted House was written in this spirit and it surely put a smile on my face as I wrote it. Here's hoping that this piece will put a smile on the faces of your audiences and a smile in your heart (not on your face - that would make it difficult to play!). -Jeffrey Bauer

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