Bauer, Jeffrey Beethoven's Fit

Brass Quintets

  • Bauer, Jeffrey

    Beethoven's Fit [211.01]

    21st Century (2014). This is a swinging encore piece sure to entertain both players and listeners alike. Jeff Bauer has taken the main motifs of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and bounced them around the room -over, under and through the brass quintet - everyone gets a chance to have a say. Where you can use this piece is entirely up to your imagination. Certainly as an encore, but what about outside on the sidewalk - or even a wedding recessional for a particularly unorthodox couple? The audio file here is one of those auto-pilot things for now. When we get a group brave (crazy) enough to record and send it in then we will feature their performance instead. And give them due mention! The cover art is by the famed Spanish artist, Pablo Morales del los Rios and perfectly captures the spirit of this chart. We are very pleased to have gained his permission to use it. -the publisher

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