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    Warp! [211.01]

    20th Century. The title was inspired by the term from Star Trek where warp engines would bend time and space to propel the ship at incredible speeds. Exploring relationships between time and space in a musical sense, this work begins with motives and fragments free-floating in space. These gradually build in energy and motion until coming into phase with one another. After this cadence, a motor section expands and develops the previous free-floating motives over driving, repeated patterns. As the speed increases, these motives fade in and out of phase with each other until the motives come back into phase at "warp speed" in the exciting conclusion. -the publisher

    Requires contemporary techniques such as valve clicks ("banging" the valves without playing a tone using specific fingerings), aleotoric notation such as feather-beamed groupings (play notes rapidly and gradually ritard), and popping the mouthpiece withhand (using a cupped palm, strike the mouthpiece to produce a popping sound). Straight mutes required for trumpets and horn. Bass trombone is optional substitute for the tuba part. -pc

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