Faure, Gabriel (Stanton) Dolly Suite

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  • Faure, Gabriel (Stanton)

    Dolly Suite (Stanton) [211.01]

    Romantic. As performed by the Ithaca Brass, this transcription of Faure's only piano duet is cleverly layered to simulate the pianistic qualities of this work. Faure wrote this piece for Helene (nicknamed Dolly) whom was the daughter of his mistress. Detailed articulations, dynamics. Technical challenges in the form of extended arpeggios throughout the ensemble, several key changes, upper register playing in the first trumpet which ascends to high D and E above the staff. Movements entitled: Berceuse (Lullabye) , Op. 56; Mi-a Ou; Le Jardin de Dolly (The Garden of Dolly); Kitty Valse; Tendresse (tenderness); Le pas Espagnol (Spanish Dance) . Duration is approx 5:00 minutes. -pc
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