Clarke, Jeremiah (Gause/Dishinger) Trumpet Voluntary

Brass Quintets

  • Clarke, Jeremiah (Gause/Dishinger)

    Trumpet Voluntary (Gause/Dishinger) [211.01]

    Baroque. Commonly known (incorrectly) as the Trumpet Voluntary as composed by Purcell, this piece is actually the Prince of Denmark's March by Jeremiah Clarke, an English Baroque composer. This edition gets the composer's namecorrect, but not the title. -cdp

    In the key of Bb Major, this arrangement would work well for a long processional as it alternates each melodic phrase between the first and second trumpets allowing time to rest. The arranger alters the orchestration as the melodies repeat by adding a second voice a third below the melody, and varying the accompaniment slightly. A solid arrangement with effective dynamic detailing and creative voicings. -pc

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