Reynolds, Verne Intonation Exercises (150) - SCORE ONLY

Brass Quintets

  • Reynolds, Verne

    Intonation Exercises (150) - SCORE ONLY [211.01]

    Series of 150 short exercises playable by brass quintet on up through complete brass section (band or orchestra). Helps develop ensemble awareness of interval relationships and progressions. Score only. Parts are sold separately as a complete set for brass quintet (item 21907) or individually (items 10856-10860). Parts published for trumpet 1, trumpet 2, horn in F, trombone, tuba.

    Contents (Focus Areas): Octave and Unison; Perfect Fifth; Perfect Fourth; Major Third; Minor Sixth; Minor Third; Major Sixth; Major Triad; Minor Triad; Major Seconds; Major Seventh; Minor Seventh; PALESTRINA O Bone Jesu: DILASSO Kyrie, from Missa OctaviToni; SCHEIN Paduana; Galiarda.

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