Frith, John Ludwig's Cortege

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  • Frith, John

    Ludwig's Cortege

    For trombone octet (ATTTTTBB) or 8-part 006.11 low brass ensemble (6 trombones, euphonium, tuba). This unique work is a musical depiction of Beethoven's funeral cortege through the streets of Vienna. The work was written in honour of Ruben Carughi and "Trombonanza" friends for an 8-part low brass ensemble with moderately advanced performers. Here is a brief description of the work by composer John Frith:

    "It is well documented that at Beethoven's funeral on March 26th, 1827, a choir of trombones and male voices made appropriate music. This is not that music, but rather an attempt to recreate something of the sombre mood of that historic occasion." -the publisher

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