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  • Szentpali, Roland

    K-1 [006.02]

    21st Century (2012). For 6 trombones & 2 tubas (4 tenors, 2 basses & 2 tubas). The tuba parts can get low, so performance by trombone octet (4 tenors & 4 basses is theortically possible, but...). -cdp

    The title of this work, K-1, relates to the Japanese martial art of that name. Even though I am not a fan of this kind of sports, when Steve Rosse asked me to write something for 6 trombones and 2 tubas, (knowing what a strong player he is), something extremely wild, cruel and raw sounded spontaneously in my mind. I imagined two tubas (fighters) playing short notes as they punch each other, with some of the notes being picked up from the bass trombones (the allegorical coaches and trainers) because they are following the trainer's screaming instructions at them in the ring! The four tenor trombones (the allegorical audience) can have a really different musical texture; sometimes just making noise, but sometimes shouting together if the fight is exciting. This situation offers a chance for a kind of theatrical act on stage! Fighters marching in, face to face, starting and ending each round with a gong hit and ending up by "throwing in the towel." This music is not beautiful, but it does have energy and excitement...just as does the sport called K-1. Score & parts. -the composer

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