Michel, Jean-Francois Trilogy

Trombone Duets w/Piano

  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Trilogy [002.00 or 011.00 w/piano]

    21st Century (2014). This three movement work, composed for two trombones and piano, is highlighted by dramatic and poetic intensity, punctuated by various sound combinations (including mutes) and amazing rhythmical effects. The piece is dedicated to thewell known soloist Branimir Slokar and the talented Japanesetrombonist Mayumi Shimizu. The first movement begins with a very slow piano prelude over which the trombones interject brief and tangled fanfares in a call and response type of setting. The piano gradually becomes a participant in these more and more nervous exchanges until the music merges into a light Allegro moderato, a kind of sonata, but without developments, where the main themes are shared equally by the three performers. The second movement unfolds with a sustained intensity over a very slow tempo which offers considerable expressive freedom for each performer of the trio. The main element of the last movement is the rhythm, animated by constant and sustained impulses. The piano opens the musical tournament, followed by the trombones. Additional lyrical transition segments offer short breaks, but after a sudden lento, the final rush accelerates into an explosive and spectacular ending. Duration: 15:00 minutes. -the publisher

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