Bruckner, Anton (O'Neil) Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

10-Part Brass Choirs (Dectet)

  • Bruckner, Anton (O'Neil)

    Ecce Sacerdos Magnus (O'Neil) [323.11]

    Romantic. Ecce Sacerdos Magnus ("Behold the Great Priest") comes from the early European tradition of plainchant. Bruckner's setting of the responsory, originally scored for eight-part mixed choir, organ and three trombones, brings certain medieval qualities to an otherwise Romantic-era composition. This transcription for 10-part brass choir is appropriate for intermediate level and above and attempts to retain the majesty, power and beauty of the original piece. It should be approached as a choralpiece: connected and fluid. The harmonic language is essentially triadic; great care should be taken in the tuning of each chord throughout the piece. Instrumentation is 3 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, euphonium and tuba. -the publisher

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