Haynor, James Bravo Berlioz!

10-Part Brass Choirs w/Percussion

  • Haynor, James

    Bravo Berlioz! [422.02 or 423.01 w/percussion]

    BRAVO Berlioz! is a dramatic and fun medley arrangement by James Haynor featuring the "Best of Berlioz" for a 10-part double brass quintet with timpani & bass drum. The tuba 1 part can be played adequately on bass trombone, making for 423.01 instrumentation. This work is about 10 minutes in length, and is arranged to create a nice flow between pieces. Selections included in the arrangement are from the following works:

    •  Symphonie Fantastique - Rˆveries (movement 1)
    •  Symphonie Fantastique - March to the Scaffold (movement 4)
    •  Roman Carnival Overture
    •  Requiem - Tuba Mirum

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