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10-Part Brass Choirs (Dectet)

  • Hazell, Chris

    More Cats (3) [414.01]

    Flora, Tubby Mousetrouser and Homepride are the latest additions to this popular family of felines.

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    Flora was found in a dustbin as a kitten. She liked nothing better than to rush around, but would suddenly stop and fall asleep and almost as quickly be up and off again. If you wanted to find her, she would usually be in amongst the bushes in the garden, hence her name. Tubby Mousetrouser is a name I would love to be credited with, but alas is not mine, nor indeed was the cat. He belonged to a friend of mine who was a record dealer and avid fan of Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. He loved the original Cat Suite so, in honour of his loyalty, I included Tubby. The name has never been explained to me, but the tubby and mouse seem fairly self-explanatory. Where did the trouser come from? Who knows? A gentle animal who loved nothing better than tosleep and eat. Homepride, a huge pale ginger cat, was found one early morning in the kitchen, helping himself to food. I thought it was Mr. Jums (one of the original cats), covered in flour or something. As it turned out, a completely new cat had arrived, but the flourimage stuck, so he was named after a well-known English brand of flour and bread. There is one high trumpet part (piccolo or Eb) and a flugelhorn part. Score & parts.

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