Portex Coach 2 Incentive Spirometer - 2.5 liter

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  • Portex Coach 2

    Incentive Spirometer - 2.5 liter

    Incentive spirometers are used to help wind and brass players improve their breathing. The breathing exercises are designed to help players take long deep breaths, similar to a yawn. Deep breathing leads to more efficient playing and helps improve phrasing and tone. A one-way valve ensures users inhale, rather than exhale into the unit. The Coach 2 has highly visible pistons to help users perform and monitor their breathing exercises without direct supervision. It's a real medical device, and includes a unit and flexible breathing tube. This unit functions similarly to the Voldyne (037940) except that it has half the measurement capacity (2.5 liters as opposed to 5 liters for the Voldyne). Features:
    •  One-way valve - ensures users inhale only
    •  2500 ml (2.5 liter) capacity
    •  Flexible tubing
    •  Brightly colored piston
    •  Universal graphics
    •  Colorful deep-sea characters, games, puzzles and stickers
    •  Instructions for use in base
    •  Oxygen port
    •  Bedrail holder
    •  Coach® 2 For Kids handbook

    Portex Incentive Spirometer for Kids

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