Busch, Adolf (Beigelbeck) Serenade in A, op 53b

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  • Busch, Adolf (Beigelbeck)

    Serenade in A, op 53b (Beigelbeck)

    Trio for clarinet, violin & viola. Adolf Busch was not only a phenomenal violinist from the first half of the 20th century, but he also wrote musical pieces in a tremendous variety of genres for concert performances as well as home use. Busch's brother Hermann was a cellist and member of the acclaimed Busch Quartet; his first wife Frieda played the clarinet. It was to her that Busch dedicated the larger part of the four pieces gathered here under opus 53 and composed between 1927-1943 for clarinet and various string scorings. One exception is the profusely rich and charming Serenade op. 53b, which Busch dedicated to his friend Hans Ritz in Basel. The scoring and compositional techniques of the work hint at Reger, Mozart and even beyond, whereby it is undeniable that Busch is firmly rooted in the musical tradition. Moreover, virtuosity and melodic lines in the "Nocturno" are influenced by Busch's prolific experience as an instrumental soloist.

    Adolf Busch wrote 70 works with opus numbers and about as many without, which were intended for home use. Rediscovered and increasingly performed, Busch's music is now conquering the place it deserves in concert programs. The present edition is part of Breitkopf's series of chamber music by Adolf Busch. -the publisher

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