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    Doors [solo tuba feature]

    21st Century (2012). For tuba & string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). Doors is a set of four pieces, for string quartet and tuba, based on photographs by Albuquerque photographer Jim Gale.

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    The first movement, Stone-Layered Maze, creates an atmosphere of mystery. The music moves as if through openings in a maze of layered stone walls. It incorporates the use of rocks as an additional sound source. Old Leaning Lumber paints an aural picture of old, dilapidated wooden structures with open doors and windows. The music creaks, sways, and falls. The string players occasionally tap on their instruments to add a percussive wooden timbre. The third movement is based on an eclectic collection of door photos from all types of structures, from all parts of town. Out About Town has the performers tapping the heels and toes of their shoes on the floor in this contrapuntal stroll with an asymmetrical meter. Blue Door Blues is an actualblues tune inspired by the multitude of blue doors seen throughout the southwest United States. Even the blue church doors have their moment in the middle of the piece as the audience hears both an old-world chant and a gospel riff. The performers add to the mix with a few "cool" finger snaps. -the publisher

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