Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Wiese) Clarinet Quintet in A, K.581 & Fragment KA.91

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  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Wiese)

    Clarinet Quintet in A, K.581 & Fragment KA.91 (Wiese)

    Mozart referred to the piece as "Stadler's Quintet" in a letter of April 8, 1790, to his benefactor, Johann Michael Puchberg. From this we can infer that the term"Stadler Quintet" for K. 581 evidently came from Mozart himself. Stadler was one of the city's outstanding clarinetists. His name is also associated with the invention of the basset clarinet. Ever since Mozart encountered the clarinet in Mannheim in 1778 he loved the instrument's warm and expressive tone. His friendship with Anton Stadler, the clarinetist in the Royal-Imperial Court Orchestra in Vienna, prompted him to compose not only the Clarinet Concerto (K. 622) but also this "Quintet of Quintets", which was written two years before his death. Like almost all his works for the clarinet, this Quintet was probably intended originally for the basset clarinet. However, it survives only in two posthumous prints, both of which call for a standard clarinet. These prints form the basis of our edition. As an added bonus, the appendix contains a fragmentary Allegro in Bb major for the same combination of instruments. For clarinet & string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). Parts only. Matching score available - see item 56129.
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