Appert, Donald Contrapunctus for Flute & Trombone

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  • Appert, Donald

    Contrapunctus for Flute & Trombone

    21st Century (2018). Contrapunctus (Mirrors) was commissioned in 2018 by Dr. Philip Martinson and Dr. Shelley Martinson. They received a grant from Southwest Oklahoma State University where they teach. He is the Second Trombone of the Oklahoma City Symphony. Scored for only flute and trombone without piano, I conceived of the work in the contrapuntal style yet often mirroring each other (hence the title and subtitle of the work). Although the work is tonal, it wanders through a number of different tonal centers and is often quartal (built on perfect fourths) in nature. Frequently the ideas are transposed up a fourth and passed back and forth between the two instruments. The opening section is at quarter note 60 and is contemplative in character, perhaps with a touch of melancholy. The middle section is in 3/8 time signature and the flute part becomes more intricate rhythmically. About half way through the meter changes to 5/8 and the ideas are more harmonically based. The third section returns to the opening tempo but with new material. The trombone featured first and then a different melody in the flute with the trombone playing triplets underneath. A short canon at the fifth follows. The melody from the middle section is brought back in augmentation and then one last canon. The last measures are a statement of the opening measures of the work - the final mirror.

    The trombone part has a range from D to c2 so requires an F-attachment (though the work could also be performed on bass trombone if played lightly enough). Tenor clef is used frequently. The flute part has a range from d1 to c4 and demands great flexibility. The duration of the work is 10'35". Contains 2 performance scores.

    The work is scheduled to have its world premiere at the 2020 International Trombone Festival in Osaka, Japan. -the composer

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