Buss, Howard Dreams from the Shadows

Horn Solos w/Percussion

  • Buss, Howard

    Dreams from the Shadows

    21st Century (2015). For french horn and vibraphone (or electronic keyboard emulating vibraphone). From its mystical, contemplative opening, to majestic proclamations, to jubilant sections with a dance-like character, the music suggests a dream-like collage of sonic atmospheres. Soaring melodies and intriguing rhythms coupled with the beautiful sonority of the horn and vibraphone ensemble, make this an accessible, audience-friendly composition. *An electronic keyboard (emulating the sound of a vibraphone) may be used as a substitute for the vibes. The publication includes a score, vibraphone part, and horn part. Dreams from the Shadows is dedicated to hornist Gene Berger and percussionist Braham Dembar. -the publisher

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