Ziani, Pietro Andrea (Scwartz & LaFratta) Quel Sembiante Cosi Bello

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  • Ziani, Pietro Andrea (Scwartz & LaFratta)

    Quel Sembiante Cosi Bello (Scwartz & LaFratta)

    For tenor trombone, soprano voice & keyboard (piano, organ or harpsichord). Antonio Ziani (b Venice, c1653; d Vienna, 22 Jan 1715) presented more than twenty operas in Venice beginning in 1679 and was employed by the Duke of Mantua becoming the maestro di cappella at Santa Barbara in Mantua in 1686. In 1700, he was appointed to the position of Imperial Vice-Hofkapellmeister in Vienna. After the death of Antonio Pancotti, the Imperial Hofkapellmeister, Ziani assumed the responsibilities of that position in 1709, but was not officially appointed to that post until 1712, the year Charles VI became Emperor. Ziani was well known for his operas, oratorios, and many other sacred works. Prolific in his use of the trombone in his oratorios, Ziani wrote many arias in Il mistico Giobbe (1704) and La morte vinta sul Calvario (1706) containing parts for trombone, small ensemble, and voice.
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