Connesson, Guillaume Disco Toccata

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  • Connesson, Guillaume

    Disco Toccata

    For clarinet & cello. Disco music, which was much in fashion in nightclubs towards the end of the 1970's, has furnished two elements for this toccata: first the ostinao-lke rhtthm, and secondly a number of the typical melodic "riffs" played by the guitars. Once I had distanced myself from this source, however, I inserted further ideas using a diffeerent time signature which I proceeded to develop along more classical lines. The resulting rapid and unceasing movement led me to the baroque toccata form, in which instrumental virtuosity becomes a vehicle for expression in its own right. Since I have always been facinated by the similarity between today's popular music and that of the baroque period, I found it an irrestistable challenge to blend aspects of both styles within this one short piece. - the composer.

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