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Trombone Cup Mute - large bore

Stonelined  Trombone Cup Mute - large bore
   A good basic fibre cup mute for all large bore horns such as Bach 42, Conn 88H and similar sized symphonic tenor trombones with 8.5" to 9" diameter bells. Produces classic cup tone. Best for jazz and dance band work. NOTE: The manufacturer labels this as a "bass trombone" mute, but it does not actually fit any modern bass trombone. It is suited for large bore tenors as described above. The fit of this model will be "open" or "loose." Some filing of the corks may be needed to make the fit tighter or to fit to your specific bell flare. If you are looking for a tight-fitting cup, see item 01543.

(comparison of 01543 and 23114 in a large bore bell)

Category: Trombone Cup Mutes
Item: 23114
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