Clark Music Tree, v.3 - Students' Choice - CD & MIDI Disk

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    Music Tree, v.3 - Students' Choice - CD & MIDI Disk

    Music Tree Part 3 now offers a new accompaniment series that includes audio CDs and MIDI disks as well as an educational software program to excite and motivate piano students! The audio CDs include two performances of each selected piece: solo part withan orchestrated accompaniment and orchestrated accompaniments alone. The MIDI disks can be used in any MIDI keyboard that has a disk drive or with a personal computer -- control the tempo, transpose to a different key, add a metronome click, and much more. Level 3 also includes a special computer software program called Home Concert 2000 Special Edition™ from TimeWarp Technologies. This program shows the student's part on the computer screen, "turns pages" automatically, adjusts tempo and dynamics tomatch the student's playing (if the keyboard is connected to the computer), and includes many other educational features. -the publisher
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