Telemann (Moosbauer) Fantaises (12), TWV 40:14-25

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  • Telemann (Moosbauer)

    Fantaises (12), TWV 40:14-25 (Moosbauer)

    The 12 Fantasies were part of a total of 72 fantasies for various instruments written by Telemann in the 1730s. Editor Bernhard Moosbauer calls them "true gems" and "carefully modelled jewels," and is happy to discuss the form factor and espressivity of this "important and exemplary contribution" to the instrument. He might even argue their worth against the overshadowing Sonatas and Partitas by J.S. Bach. Moosbauer has consulted the first print and a contemporary complete manuscript copy to assemble his urtext of the 12 Fantasies, including a thorough background and discussion of the works, along with critical notes. As always, attention is given to page layout to produce a pracitcal performance score. -the publisher

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