Gabrieli (King) Canzona in Double Echo, Ch.192

Brass Octets w/Organ

  • Gabrieli (King)

    Canzona in Double Echo, Ch.192 (King) [404.00, 422.00 w/organ]

    Renaissance. Correct title is Canzon in Echo (a12). Originally for 12 voices, here for 8 brass and organ. Similar to the triple brass choir version (037457), this edition uses the organ in place of one of the three brass choirs. Both remaining brass choirs are 202.00 or 211.00. Transposed down a step to Bb from the original C. Rhythmic values have been halved from that of the original (e.g. opening figure is 8th-16th-16th instead of quarter-8th-8th). Score & parts. -cdp

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