Brass Instrument Repair

General Repair Pricing
The repair shop at Hickey's Music Center is pleased to offer free estimates on services in addition to those listed on these lists. Additional charges apply for cleaning silver or gold plated instruments. Prices do not include parts. Professional instruments may require more time to fine tune the repair and may cost more. Verbal repair estimates are always free.
Shop rate $60/hour
Minimum shop charge $15
Minimum pickup/delivery charge $25
Case repair By estimate
Insurance estimates/appraisals $25
Verbal, non-written estimates/appraisals Free

Brass Repair Pricing
Prices do NOT include parts.


Job 1

Job 2

Job 3L

Job 3S

Trumpet or Cornet $35-60 $60-100 $450 $520
Single Horn (3 Valves) $60-80 $80-110 $892 $1,100
Double Horn (4 Valves) $80-110 $120-200 $1,250 $1,370
Trombone (No Valves) $40-70 $80-120 $440 $530
Trombone w/F Attachment $60-80 $80-140 $640 $750
Bass Trombone (Double Valve) $80-100 $110-180 $800 $920
Baritone Horn (3 Valves) $40-60 $60-100 $1,020 $1,170
Euphonium (4 Valves) $60-80 $80-120 $1,220 $1,450
Tuba w/Piston Valves $80-100 $110-280 $1,730 $2,650
Tuba w/Rotary Valves $80-120 $120-420 $2,240 $3,200

Special Repairs
Pull stuck mouthpiece Free
Valve Overhaul - Piston $84 per valve
Valve Overhaul - Rotor on request
Soldering Work $12 minimum
Free Stuck Slide $10 per slide, if no soldering required
  $30 minimum if soldering is required
Basic Trombone Slide Service $60 (plus parts)
Our Basic Service includes ultrasonic cleaning, removal of accessible dents in the slide tubes, straightening of outer slide tubes, aligning of inner slide tubes to outer slide, replacement of water key pad.
Extensive Slide Service $90 (plus parts)
Extensive Service includes the Basic service plus disassembly*, honing of the outer slide*, burnishing of outer slide* and removal of dents from U crook. (* indicates "as needed").

Brass "Job" Descriptions

Job 1 - General Service

  • Disassemble instrument.
  • Instruments will be cleaned.
  • Correct piston/rotor valve alignment.
  • Correct rotor back bearing fit and alignment.
  • Restring rotors and/or adjust linkage on rotary valve instruments.
  • Replace corks, felts, and springs as needed.
  • Lubricate and reassemble to good playing condition.
  • Remove minor accessible dents.
  • Replace water key pads.
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Job 2 - Standard Overhaul

  • Includes all items in Job 1, plus:
  • Remove all accessible dents.
    "Accessible Dents" are those that we can reach and repair without disassembling the instrument with tools. More extensive dent work can be performed by estimate only.
  • Realign bell if needed.
  • More extensive valve work as needed.
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Job 3L - Complete Overhaul & Relacquer

  • Instrument is returned to "Like New" condition.
  • Includes all work in Job 2, PLUS
  • Remove all dents.
  • Strip, clean and buff body and parts.
  • Relacquer instrument.
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Job 3S - Complete Overhaul & Replate

  • Instrument is returned to "Like New" condition.
  • Includes all work in Job 2, PLUS
  • Remove all dents.
  • Strip, clean and buff body and parts
  • Replate instrument in silver (gold plating available by estimate only)
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