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    Gilbert & Sullivan for Singers, w/Audio [baritone/bass]

    W.S. Gilbert wrote the words, Arthur Sullivan composed the music, and together they revolutionized theatre music in English. This new series presents songs and arias from their timeless operettas, collected by voice type. There are 15-17 songs per volume, with the most famous excerpts peppered by beautiful, less known choices. The edition includes notes about the plot context of each selection. The piano accompaniments on the companion CDs were recorded by Laura Ward. Includes: As Some Day It May Happen (THE MIKADO); Engaged to So-and-So (THE SORCERER); Fair Moon, to Thee I Sing (HMS PINAFORE); I Am a Pirate King (THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE); I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General (THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE); I've Jibe and Joke (THE YEOMAN OF THE GUARD); If You Give Me Your Attention (PRINCESS IDA); My Boy, You May Take It from Me (RUDDIGORE); My Name Is John Wellington Wells (THE SORCERER); No Possible Doubt Whatever (THE GONDOLIERS); The Policeman's Song (THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE); Time Was,When Love and I (THE SORCERER); When All Night Long a Chap Remains (IOLANTHE); When I Was a Lad I Served a Term (HMS PINAFORE); When You're Lying Awake with a Dismal Headache (IOLANTHE); Whene'er I Spoke (PRINCESS IDA); Willow, Tit-Willow (THE MIKADO)
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