Brimhall, John (Robbins) Theory Notebook, v.2

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  • Brimhall, John (Robbins)

    Theory Notebook, v.2 (Robbins)

    The Industry Standard Music Theory Series is back, newly updated to the 9 x 12 format with freshly engraved pages and updated content. Own the 21st Century version of the same series you have known and loved for years. Don't miss this opportunity to study and learn music theory from the greatest series ever written.

    With 29 easy-to-follow lessons including self-quizzes with answer key, review exercises, and writing practice, this Level 2 Edition covers:

    Pitch, Note Values, Rest Values, Time Signatures, The Major Scale Formula, Major Key Signatures, 6/8 Time, 3/2 Time, Ties, Slurs, Repeat Sign, 1st and 2nd Endings, The Chromatic Scale, Intervals, Major Triads, Minor Triads, Augmented Triads, Diminished Triads, Dynamic Markings, Tempo Markings, Circle of Fifths, and Musical Signs and Symbols.

    Level 1, Level 3, and the Complete Edition are also available. -the publisher

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