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  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van, et al

    Beethoven 2020 Diary

    This practical pocket diary is designed to be your daily Beethoven companion through the year 2020 which is the 250th anniversary of this great composer's birth. It presents interesting and amusing insights into Beethoven's life and works.

    Quotations by Beethoven and about him illuminate many facets of his personality, whether familiar or surprising. He appears hot-tempered and humorous, vulnerable and sarcastic, isolated and driven by utopian visions of society.

    Additional pages cast light on special aspects of his life - his composing and piano playing, his violent emotions (rage, humour, despair in the face of illness and death) and his relationship with people in his close surroundings, whether his nephew Karl, the "Immortal Beloved" or his brothers Kaspar Karl and Johann, the recipients of the "Heiligenstadt Testament".

    This attractive diary which presents every week, Monday to Sunday, on a double page also provides sufficient space for your own notes. -the publisher

    Pocket Sized: 6 x 4.25 x 0.5 inches (152 x 108 x 125 mm)

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