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    Woodwind Methods

    An Essential Teaching Woodwinds resource for Educators, Conductors & Students. This book was designed for use in a one or two semester heterogeneous college woodwind methods class or as a quick reference manual for school band and orchestra directors. Itprovides concise descriptions including instrument similarities and differences, breath support, reed adjustment and transposition. 184 pages. Includes:
    • Instrument assembly, embouchure, hand position and articulation
    • Carefully detailed fingering charts with clearly detailed primary fingerings and explanation of selected alternate fingerings and trill fingerings
    • Progressive musical exercises/compositions, often harmonized, to allow students to learn new fingerings at an even pace while enjoying the ensemble sound
    • Advanced concepts: alternate fingerings, vibrato, flicking, and multiple articulation
    • Trouble shooting for mechanical or reed problems, repair and maintenance
    • Recommendations for selecting: Reeds, Mouthpieces & ligatures, Instruments, Method books and study literature, Constructing a basic woodwind "toolbox".

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