Weait, Christopher Bassoon Strategies for the Next Level

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  • Weait, Christopher

    Bassoon Strategies for the Next Level

    This is a book of practicing and performing strategies for bassoonists and other wind instrumentalists seeking motivation for practicing, solutions to playing problems, and continued development as creative, independent musicians. - the composer

    Chapters entitled: Musicianship (phrasing, playing melodies, improvisation, tenor clef, performer distractions, constructive self-criticism, etc.); Warming-Up; Practicing; Practicing Strategies; Scales & Etudes; Physical Matters; Breathing & Tone; Dynamics; Tuning; Articulation; Rhythmic Accuracy; Fingerings; Technique (flicking, half-hole fingerings, anti-frog device, Gillette's overbreak exercises, trills & tremelos, high register studies, etc.); Repertoire (MOZART: Symphony 39, Mvt. 4; BEETHOVEN: 4th Symphony; STRAVINSKY: Rite of Spring; NIELSEN: Quintet; WEBER: Andante & Hungarian Rondo); Reeds; Reference Materials (Books, methods, studies, and excerpt collections). 185 pages.

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