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    Truth About the Music Business, The

    Whether you're a solo artist, songwriter, or part of a band seeking to create a career in the music business, there comes the need to figure out more than where the next gig will be. There are many legal and business details to understand before you signa contract with a record label or publishing company. This useful and easy-to-follow guide provides a clear path for moving your career forward and gaining control over your future in this business. You'll learn the steps you should take in any music genre to turn your professional music career into a legitimate and profitable business. With his combined experience as an entertainment attorney, independent record label owner, publisher, and professional musician, author Steve Moore provides a uniquely valuable perspective. Through a realistic, straightforward, plain-English approach, this book acts as the perfect guide to get your career moving in the right direction from start to finish -- saving you time, headaches, and money!
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