Wall, Joan, et al Diction for Singers [2nd edition]

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  • Wall, Joan, et al

    Diction for Singers [2nd edition]

    This text is intended for use in undergraduate diction courses, accompanied by International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers, the companion text for learning to articulate individual sounds. Clear formatting, concise organization all make it a useful in the studio.

    Each chapter is organized into four main sections. An brief introduction highlights the issues in learning the language-sounds not found in English or three and four-letter combinations representing one sound, for instance. Next an "at-a-glance" chart provides an instant reference for quick look-up. Next a section called Special Features goes in depth to look at the each language's unique aspects. Finally, a detailed listing of each vowel and consonant, and their typical combination, describes in detail the issues with pronouncing them. Now in its second edition, the text is prepared for the upcoming Online Interactive Listening Labs. 352 pages. -the publisher.

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