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    Associated Brass Chords & Scales - Bb

    This book is a learning program that provides an overview for brass players. It includes pertinent sound physics, music theory, keys (key signatures), scales, chords, suugested slide positions or valve fingerings, and a consistent, illustrated method tomake it all easier for the mind to understand, photograph and remember. The program however, does not teach how to read notes on a staff or note/time values - many other books already do that well such as the Arban method, etc. Some of this program wasorganized in conjunction with and may be practiced with the Jamey Aebersold improvisational practice recordings available on CD. Each book is 188 pages long, with the page numbers corresponding between volumes so as to allow students to learn together and from one another. Though written primarily for brass instruments, these 12 by 9 inch perfect bound books can be used for most band instrumentation, thoroughly explaining music theory, range and transposition relative to the piano keyboard. They illustrate valve fingerings and/or slide positions for quickest response and include virtually all scales that can be played with the various chords. There are original visual formats that help the mind to organize, learn and remember. Recommended for junior high thru graduate school, to be used in conjunction with traditional methods for achievement of optimal performance. Unique and comprehensive.
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