Bach, Johann Sebastian (Cooper) Cello Suites (6), w/Audio

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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (Cooper)

    Cello Suites (6), w/Audio (Cooper)

    Baroque. Transcription of the six cello suites for solo trumpet. Includes 2 CDs with full performances of all six by David Cooper. -cdp

    Because the modern trumpet is a rather "recent" invention (mid 1800s), there is a real lack of literature written specifically for the instrument by many of history's most important composers or past masters. Current scholars and trumpet enthusiasts are actively adapting early concerti or sonatas for the trumpet that were originally written for other instruments like violin, flute, oboe and recorder. There are many trumpet etude books available today, but there simply is no substitute for working on themusic of a master. Two performance CDs are included with this book, allowing the player to hear a complete, professional performance of the music. -the publisher

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