Telemann, Georg Philipp (Cooper) Canonic Duets (6), w/CD

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  • Telemann, Georg Philipp (Cooper)

    Canonic Duets (6), w/CD (Cooper)

    Baroque. These duets are unique in that both players read from the same part. The first player starts and the second begins playing the same material when the first reaches a specific marked spot in the score. Originally for two flutes or recorders, heretranscribed for trumpets. Substantial in length and musical depth. For C or Bb trumpets (parts for both included). The included CD contains complete 2-part performances as well as playalong tracks. -cdp

    Originally written for two flutes or recorders, Dr. Cooper has edited and prepared these to be beautiful teaching pieces for two trumpets. While they are titled "suites," they are organized more like sonatas in the fast/slow/faster movement format. Theseduets are unique in that they are canonic; this might suggest simplicity, but these duets are anything but simplistic. Many of the duets incorporate chromaticism while others modulate. Both players have an equal role in each piece as a duet, and the music sounds complete even with only one player. This allows these pieces to be practiced as solo etudes and as duets. A Performance/Accompaniment CD is included allowing the player to hear a complete duet performance and also to play along as either trumpet 1 or 2. -the publisher

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