Bordogni, Marco (Rochut/Raph) Melodious Etudes, v.2 [revised] w/Audio & PDFs

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  • Bordogni, Marco (Rochut/Raph)

    Melodious Etudes, v.2 [revised] w/Audio & PDFs (Rochut/Raph)

    This new 2013 edition gives the popular "Rochut Melodious Etudes, v.2" a new face. Errors have been corrected, omissions have been restored, some passages have been rephrased to better suit current trombone capabilities and piano accompaniments are now included. This edition draws from the original Bordogni etudes for voice, the Rochut transcriptions for trombone (produced around 1926) and Bordogni's original piano accompaniments. - Alan Raph/cdp

      Some additional observations: The included CD contains both recorded and printed piano accompaniments. The audio tracks are MP3 recordings of live piano performances. The remaining tracks are PDF files of the piano parts that you can print out and have performed by your own pianist. This edition features new engraving (musical typesetting). As a result, the music is easier to read—gone are the chunky note heads, blurry flags and drop-out of the 1928 edition.
      The lengthy material contained in volume 2 presents sometimes insurmountable page turn issues, so some do remain. That being said, Raph has managed to work in a few improvements, notably numbers 66, 77, 80, 81, 83, 88 and 89. I've also noticed a few places where Raph seemingly abbreviated an etude by a few bars, such as numbers 68 (drops the last three bars) and 74 (loses 8 bars at the end with a slight rewrite to resolve on A).
      The original Forward has been deleted. I'm not sure why. Some of these century-old blurbs are amusing to say the least, but this one is still, in my mind, quite relavent. Rochut really hits the mark with his comments, as many are contemporary in their instruction. I think it is a loss for them to have been omitted. Therefore, I've reprinted the old Forward below for your enjoyment.
      Like the rewrite of volume one, this one is, by and large, a more useful edition than the old. 68 pages with a lay-flat stitched binding. -cdp

    FORWARD from the 1928 Edition

      These etudes trasncribed from the Vocalises of Bordogni have been specially prepared for use by trombonists, to perfect their technique generally and in particular to develop style in the interpretation of melody in all its varied forms and expression.
      To this end the keys have been carefully selected and the phrasing adapted to fit the character of the trombone to best advantage. The work may be said to provide specifically for the following:

    1. Development of sonorous, singing tone in various registers and all shades of dynamics.
    2. Comprehension of the means used to express melody through the presentation of the basic rhythms and all varieties of melodic figurations, covering every requirement in artistic playing.
    3. Practice in both natural and "expressive" or special breathing.
    4. Correct and rational performance of the various ornaments in music, such as the appogiatura, acciaccatura, grupetto (or turn), trills, etc.
      Marco Bordogni, the composer of these studies, was born near Bergamo, Italy in 1788. He died in Paris July 31, 1856. He enjoyed great poularity as a tenor, his vocalisations and style being particularly praised. He made his operatic debut at La Scala, Milan in 1813 as Taneredi with great success. Later he sang for many years at the Theatre des Italiens, Paris. He is known best however for his activities as a teacher, having been professor at the Paris Conservatoire almost continuously from 1820up to the time of his death. A daughter, Louise, is said to have sung with much success in New York in 1834.
      The practical value of these studies in the art of trombone playing has been demonstrated through their use at the Conservatoire in Paris, and it is confidently believed by the transcriber that they will meet with the approval of performaers everywhere. —Joannes Rochut
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