Vernon, Charles Singing Trombone, The (2012)

Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Vernon, Charles

    Singing Trombone, The (2012)

    A set of warmups, lip flexibility studies and studies related to the orchestral repertoire. With sections on breathing and low register. Many of the etudes and exercises are well annotated with advice. This volume has been greatly expanded by almost 100pages from the previous edition. Included now are a large number of key orchestral excerpts as etudes. These use the melodic content of the excerpt as a starting point, repeating several times in a variety of forms (see example) to help develop masteryof the work. As the title implies, the book aims to help trombonists develop a singing style via legato playing and superior air support. Appropriate for either tenor or bass trombone, plus euphonium. 123 pages. This 4th edition, first released in 2012, replaces the similarly titled 2009 (3rd), and 1995 (2nd) edition which had the title "Singing Approach" (item 23617). -cdp

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