Bitsch, Marcel (Masson) Rhythmical Studies (15)

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  • Bitsch, Marcel (Masson)

    Rhythmical Studies (15) (Masson)

    Perhaps one of the most popular etude books for trombone. The Bitsch etudes are famous for their ability to help players gain a mastery of complex and/or unexpected rhythms. Used in just about every college level program, each etude is a character piece,focusing on a set of rhythmic issues. These include mixed meter, displaced emphasis, beams over barlines, downbeat rests, tuplets, syncopation, "blurring" of the beat and/or meter/barline, ties into strong beats, dotted eighth-16th vs. triplets, etc. Uses both tenor and bass clef liberally, including many mid-measure clef changes. Just 16 pages, but oh what a very long read! -cdp

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