Schneider, Bruno Horn Fundamentals

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  • Schneider, Bruno

    Horn Fundamentals

    This book is a compilation of the basic rudimentary exercises I have played as a matter of routine to keep me in the requisite physical shape to endure the rigors of a demanding orchestral, solo, and chamber music career. They also represent the underlying concepts and principles on which my teaching of technical issues has been predicated, and which I have always endeavored to impart to my own students. It is the kind of book I wish had been readily available to me during the course of my career.

    Efficiency in technical development requires patience, creative imagination, and a dedication to the ultimate goal of technical perfection is an important component of my teaching. Additionally, it should be noted that technical perfection exists solely as a means to achieve a musical goal, providing musicians with the necessary confidence and tools to express the complete range of musical emotions.

    Content - 76 pages of fundamental exercises:

    •  Flexibility exercises on the F horn and B-flat horn
    •  Fast flexibility exercises on the F, B-flat and high E-flat horn
    •  Complete scales, in all tonalities with articulation alternatives
    •  Intervals in all tonalities
    •  Articulations exercises written out in all tonalities
    •  Chromatic exercises to steady the embouchure in the sensitive range
    •  Sound production in all ranges and all dynamics
    •  Exercises to be played loud

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