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Trombone Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Buss, Howard

    Camel Music

    20th Century (1974). CAMEL MUSIC for unaccompanied trombone by Howard J. Buss. The trombone is treated as a sound synthesizer as the performer is asked to produce a wide variety of nontraditional timbres on the instrument (percussive and vocal sounds, multi-phonics, etc.). The trombonist recites and narrates the text of an Aesop fable while at the same time accompanying himself/herself on the instrument. The words, which are often divided into single syllables, are frequently distorted when sung or spoken into the instrument. This adds to the myriad of tone colors being produced during the performance. In addition, Camel Music combines musical performance with theatrical behavior by the performer. The music and acting depend on one another to create a special kind of experience. This work has received hundreds of performances over the years and has proven to be a hit with all types of audiences, including those comprised of children. Duration: 5' -the publisher

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